Friday, 12 December 2008

East Coast Searchers Metal Detecting Club

The club started some in 1999 as a break away from the Ipswich based
 club by chairman
Ken Willcox aided by a group of enthusiasts.
Ken  has organised "Days Out" both in this country and even abroad.
Mainly the days out are in this country where they are
 a focus of fund raising

Over the period of the clubs existence many charities have
 benefited and also those of land owners.
Ken is now Honary Chairman due to ill health and Sue Clarke is acting chairman
If you have land say about 60 acres plus and you 
would like to raise money for your purposes;which could be
 a local church or village hall etc ,
please contact us and we would do all the arrangements .
Usually our events start at 10.00am and finish at 4.00pm.
Finds below £300 are the finders, but above are split

 between the finder and landowner unless treasure trove law applies.

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John Barbour said...

Founder Ken is now deceased but the club continues to flourish with an active contingent of members enjoying our meetings and "Day's Out" written 2016