Friday, 10 March 2017

March 2017 Find of the month

This was our AGM evening and all last years team was voted in unanimously.

The finds table yet again was unique and spectacular....Here we go..

Viking era base metal gold 9 carats bar
This has entered the treasure trove cycle

Look at the sun hat!

Monday, 27 February 2017

Hams Farm Day Out Sunday Feb 26th 2017

Ipswich East Rotary Club in conjunction with the Anglian Detecting Group

Hello Everybody

I can happily report that we had a great day out and many interesting finds appeared in our finds display.  Before the event opened a flint scrapper was found just by the burger bar....eyes that was a very good start. Sorry I missed that photograph !
Thanks must go to Bob Parker the land owner for kindly opening his fields..The charity made well over £2000....thanks indeed go to everybody,for coming along and all the helpers...some names must be mentioned.... Sue,Simon,Jo,Dave,John.
A lot goes into these events from erecting the gazebo in one heck of a wind and toilets to selling of tickets. Thanks also to the generosity of those donating draw prizes.

Viking era AD 900 base metal/gold bar 9 carats
Been reported for treasure trove assessment 

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Find of the month January 2017

On a cold wet wintry night it was well worth turning out just to see the marvelous items on the finds table.

We will be holding another day out at the end of February near Felixstowe for members of the local clubs more details later.

Seville mint 1 escudo Spanish a Suffolk field

Andeco 1/4 stator Iron age
note the cresent moons of the Iceni