Sunday, 15 January 2017

Diary Note

Anglian Detecting Group Day Out Sunday February 26th 2017
Hams Farm House Rotary (md) Rally

After four weeks confining this occasion to the four local clubs we are now inviting anyone to our event.
Best wishes    jb


                         Open Event

You are invited to attend a metal detecting day out at Hams House Farm near Felixstowe on Sunday February 26th 2017 raise funds for the charitable activities of Ipswich East Rotary Club.
We have for our use a large acreage of undetected land the ground is flat rotted stubble and in good condition at this moment and even better by the time of the event (February 26th) and is undetected .
We have now another field the first on the right just past the farm house.This is in a turned over condition as last time though it did produce great items being near a Saxon site.
Parking ,male and female toilets, and a Raffle ,also an identification service will be available.
Post code IP10 0PW
The area is close to the river, steeped in history . Produce in roman times being sent by boat and road to the roman town of Felixstowe as well as the roman forts. Last year’s event on the adjoining field was very successful.
Detecting commences at 9.30am and continues till 4.00pm
All finds must be reported and finds of value above £300 to be shared between the finder and the farmer.
Drive down the track towards the Hams farm house and our field is the first on the left before the farm and one just after the farm house on the right.

Update re parking and Registration tent

The Registration Tent will  be just after the farm house in the same place as last year on the right also toilets and Burger bar
Extra parking is now available on a concrete apron in front of a new granary built since last year at the end of the first field beyond the farm house. Parking is also  available to the right of the track down to the farm house. No need for the recreation ground parking this year...

This has all been now confirmed

Finds of treasure trove the usual rules apply.
Attendees must have NCMD or FID membership for insurance purposes.
How to get there;
The venue is situated midway between Ipswich and Felixstowe.
Follow the A14 and take slip road off to the left for Trimley; at the top of the slip road follow the sign to Kirton for a short distance and then turn right into “Back Road”.
Continue until you see a large road sign on the right “Falkenham”
Turn immediately right down the track indicated as “Private Road”
The charge is £15.00 for the day ticket payable in advance for registration.
For those arriving on the day £20.00 cash.
Please make cheques payable to:
Ipswich East Rotary Club.
Send cheques to
J.R.Barbour Please enclose your address and email address
 87, The Street,
 Rushmere -St-Andrew
Ipswich IP5 1DE
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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Find of the month January 2017

On a cold wet wintry night it was well worth turning out just to see the marvelous items on the finds table.

We will be holding another day out at the end of February near Felixstowe for members of the local clubs more details later.

Seville mint 1 escudo Spanish a Suffolk field

Andeco 1/4 stator Iron age
note the cresent moons of the Iceni

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Find of the month November 2016

The table this month was loaded by really great and interesting finds....well done everybody!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Find of the month October 2016

What an interesting table of finds we had this month following on from a talk on World War 1

Please enjoy

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Visit to Sedgeford archaeological dig

To enlarge any image put cursor over the image and click the left mouse button

On Monday 19th July we joined a group and visited the dig being conducted at Sedgeford in Norfolk on a late Saxon site in existence between 800-900 AD.
Our guide was the well known author,lecturer and archaeologist Neil Faulkner above.
The dig has continued for many years and in the earlier iron age level was found the cow horn with nineteen gold stators well reported at the time.
The students were camping on Bone fields where that find as discovered and in fact was the cemetery for the settlement.

Look at the miden in the layers here bones of animals and oyster shells.
Enlarge the image for a closer look !!
This helper was identifying very small fines such as shells and carbonized grain .

A magnetometer used to read disturbances under the ground and by different flux patterns can show buildings or here industrial areas for metal working and ovens.
On a higher flatter area was evidence of Roman occupation with many finds on display.An oven was found and on it's last firing a body had been in the oven !!